IPHost Network Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I get technical support for IPHost Network Monitor?
One can get technical support by
  • emailing our support teamat support@iphostmonitor.com
  • sending us support request via online support form
  • asking at General support forum (please search the forum first, your question might be already answered)

2. What data shall I provide to have my issue resolved faster?
Please follow the below guideline:
  • when experiencing problems installing IPHost, please send us OS type/version, IPHost version and build, screenshot(s) of IPHost error messages
  • when experiencing problems running IPHost (main installation and/or remote agent), please send us log files (in case of agent malfunction, send us logs for both main installation and the agent)
  • when experiencing problems configuring Web interface pages, please send us contents of conf/ files and htdocs/ files (both beneath IPHost installation directory)
3. Any advice on making IPHost Network Monitor running faster?
The general pieces of advice are:
  • make sure disk drive where IPHost is usually installed (typically C:) isn't heavily used by other applications
  • leave up to 4Gb of RAM available for IPHost and its components (that can increase significantly bundled database server efficiency)
  • make sure antivirus/other guard software isn't interfering with IPHost (whitelist IPHost and its components)
  • adjust system limits in "Settings -> Monitoring" menu of IPHost GUI client; set threads count and half-open TCP connections greater or equal to number of running monitors (or 1000, if you have more than 1000 running monitors)
  • if monitoring large setups, use remote network agents to lower the load on main IPHost installation
  • make sure no dependency monitor (such as Ping, TCP etc) is polled more frequently than every 30 seconds, and any other - more frequently than every 1-2 minutes
  • stop IPHost GUI client ("File -> Exit") after you finished tuning your monitoring configuration; GUI client isn't necessary to keep monitoring running
4. I need assistance writing a script for my monitoring needs, or configure Web interface. Will you do that?
If you run freeware version of IPHost Network Monitor (or if you own a commercial IPHost license, but Maintenance&Support subscrirption of it has expired), we encourage you to make use of online help and knowledge base at IPHost Network Monitor site, where all common issues are most probably referenced.

If you own commercial IPHost license with active Maintenance&Support subscription, we will do our best to have your issue fixed in higher priority. We try to address only issues related to IPHost Network Monitor software as well as its bundled components. However, we will do our best to address other issues as well, such as assisting you in creating templates and/or writing a script. However, if we estimate time required to handle a support request (that isn't related to a IPHost software flaw) as too much, we might offer you paid-for service to address your needs.

Note: to see the license type and/or Maintenance&Support subscription status for your license, run IPHost GUI client and select "Help -> About IPHost Network Monitor."

5. IPHost Network Monitor runs unexpectedly slowly while performing network discovery
Please note that network discovery may require a lot of network connections/testing, especially if testing wide range (or long list) of IP addresses, for multiple possible monitor types.

If IPHost is allowed little amount of resources (especially TCP half-open connection limit), it can create additional load on computer and/or take more time to check the hosts for monitors.

We advise to only check actually present services/expected monitor types, and raising system limits before running discovery over wide addresses range (see item 3 above).

6. IPHost monitoring service does not start, or stops unexpectedly, what can cause it?
If IPHost monitoring service stops after it has been started, it most probably indicates monitoring database consistency problems.

If you are a commercial IPHost license owner, please contact our tech.support for possible options to handle the problem. In short: we can either use remote connection (via TeamViewer or similar software) to guide you through database recovery, or you can upload your monitoring database to usб so we could assist you in fixing it.

You can also follow our guide to perform database analysis and recovery. Note: it requires certain DBA skills to handle possible Firebird database error states.

To prevent data loss due to database consistency problems, we recommend creating the below two monitors: The above monitors, if cleaned-up backups are being kept, will allow you to only lose a day worth of monitoring data, if worst scenario strikes.

7. Can I build my own Web interface pages?
Yes, you can. Make use of our JSON export feature to get monitoring data and create whatever type of report/data presentation you could need.

8. Can I become an IPHost Network Monitor reseller?
Yes, you can. Please contact us for possible options.
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