How to publish your application templates

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Welcome to IPHost Application Templates Community!

Application templates have been introduced in IPHost v5.0, to allow creating a typical set of monitors as quickly as possible.

Apart from using default application templates available after IPHost installation, one can create their own templates and share them with another IPHost user. Below is short explanations of steps required to start sharing your templates with other IPHost users.

Create required monitors at any host in your IPHost Network Monitor installation

Create monitors at an arbitrary host within your IPHost installation; if you wish to apply the new template during network discovery, it is recommended that one or more of the monitors you create be so called "match monitor" (if it can be created - corresponding resource is found - then the template is applied).

Select monitors and create a template

Now that the monitors have been created, Ctrl-select them, then click "Create template" button (or corresponding item from right-click context menu).

Please refer to templates quick start guide for details of monitors creation process.

By default, you are suggested to export newly created template to templates/ directory below IPHost application data (i.e.,"C:\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor\templates").

Register at this community site

Unless you have done so already, use "Register" button on the sidebar (or one of social services buttons below) to create an account at this site. After you confirm your registration, you can start uploading templates and creating discussions.

Create a template thread and provide relevant data

After you register at this site and log in, either click "Upload template" in the menu above, or click "Create discussion" in sidebar, while browsing a templates-related category. When uploading template data, please follow the instructions you will on thread creation page. Also:
  • prepare template file (the one exported to XMl format in IPHost GUI client); we recommend compressing it to one of .zip, .gz, .7z, .rar format, to reduce size
  • if your template relies on using specific script or programs, either include the scripts into mentioned archive, or give an external link to their source
  • please make thread title informative (explain in brief what this template is for; avoid appraisal of any kind - just the essence of the template)
  • provide all required specific instructions if necessary - such as setting up required software or using script(s) in thread's body
Finally, it is recommended to add tags (try using as short and simple tags as possible; when it's relevant, use plural for the thing you mention in tag.

Save the thread - you have just shared your template with all the rest of IPHost users.

Correct and update if necessary

Threads can be commented; we encourage you to communicate about your template(s) and update corresponding thread(s) if necessary - e.g., if newer version of the same template is available, or if you had to add corrections to it. Please do not create a separate thread for every minor update of your template(s).
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