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Welcome to IPHost Application Templates Community!

This site serves two main purposes:
  • provide users with means to share their IPHost application templates with one another
  • provide users with discussion forums - to get help/pieces of advice about using IPHost Network Monitor, suggest new features, report whatever problems or challenges your encountered while using IPHost and its components
Please proceed to Application templates section to browse for or publish a template.

Please proceed to Discussion and Support Forum section, to get help/propose or report a problem using IPHost Network Monitor.

Code of conduct

The below guidelines are mandatory if you are using this site:
  • please be polite and patient to one another
  • please use proper sections to post corresponding threads
  • please only post those hyperlinks that are relevant and necessary (such as links to sites about software pieces required to use a template)
  • please do not create or encourage meaningless threads and/or responses (flame)
  • please do not use threads for private communication with another member(s); use conversations (private messaging, PM) instead
  • use search function of the forum to find required template/thread - please search first before posting a question or help request
Note that moderators and administrators have final word in every discussion.

Tips and tricks

Use "Bookmarks" (star sign) to subscribe to threads' updates, that will allow you to be updated every time someone posts comments/updates the thread.

Use "Account options" (gear sign to the right of your name in sidebar), then "Edit Profile -> Notification Settings" to control how and when do you receive notifications. You can set up getting notified when a marked category is updated.

Request your data deletion

In case you need to delete your user's data, please do one of the below:
- contact "Administrator" user (here at the community) by a private message and send corresponding request
- contact us by means listed at product site's support page and place your request there

Note: if you contact us via support form we will still request a proof of your owning the community account in question (by sending a message to a moedartor/administrator).
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