Hewlett-Packard printers state monitoring (SNMP)

This template can be used along with licenses supporting SNMP monitoring (Professional 500, Professional 1000 and Enterprise), including trial license. If in doubt, start IPHost GUI client and click "Help > About IPHost Network Monitor", to see the license capabilities.

The four below monitors can be used as starting point to create more SNMP monitors to watch printers state:

HP printer status shows numeric status, including other (1), unknown (2), idle (3), printing (4), warmup (5).
HP printer output status contains output readiness of the printer; this bitwise field can hold, among others, the below values: Available and Idle (0), Available and Standby (2), Available and Active (4), Available and Busy (6), Unavailable and OnRequest (1), Unavailable because Broken (3), Unknown (5).
HP printer error condition should return string containing zeros ("00 " or "00 00 ") if printer is in acceptable state, see also link below.
HP printer black toner amount returns the capability of toner cartridge in selected units. The advice is to request this value for fully loaded printer and derive the thresholds to raise alarm.

Note: Most likely for HP, Canon and some other printers you will need to change credentials to use SNMP v1 instead of v2 used by default.

Please consult the document Monitoring toner level in Hewlett-Packard printers for more data and pieces of advice on how to create more printer-watching monitors.
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