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Samba 3 shell scripts

Two sample monitors (compatible with all IPHost licenses), as sample of what can be monitored using built-in Samba 3 components.

- create directory C:\scripts and copy the *.sh files from the archive into it. if you prefer using a different directory, modify the monitors from the template accordingly
- on the remote, allow the user account to run the corresponding binaries, namely smbstatus and smbldap-usershow. Refer to /etc/sudoers manual pages if necessary

- Samba 3 count connections: returns number of connections to resources established via Samba 3; optional parameter (user name) allows count only connections done by particular user
- Samba 3 password expiration: return time (in seconds) remaining before the Samba password for the specified user (user name, login id, passed as the script parameter). Values returned: positive - seconds remaining before the password expires; "-1" - user name has not been passed; "-2" - no matching Samba LDAP variable is returned, check your Samba 3 settings; anything else negative means the password has expired
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